Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter sights

It's been snowing here, every few days for the last two weeks. Each time only a few inches or a dusting, just enough to make it look like winter. February feels like such a long month to me, even though it is the shortest!

We have a walking trail close by and it runs through an undeveloped area with fields and a stream. We walk there almost every week. In every season there's something interesting to see.

These plants have wonderful texture against the snowy field.

I love wild flowers and this area has a wide variety of different types and colors. When spring and summer comes I hope to have some more photos to share on the blog. Sometimes we see birds or animals on my walks. This day there were a pair of ducks.

See the pair of ducks in the center of this photo? They flew up from the stream as we walked by. My dear husband took this picture. He was able to photograph them in mid-flight! 
I hope you are able to enjoy some time outdoors this week. We had a little snow here last night but the sun is shining today. It is very cold here - 7 degrees F this morning, with wind chill it feels well below zero. I was outside this morning, bundled-up in every piece of warm outdoor gear I could find. Didn't stay out long but for a few minutes it was great - invigorating even. If you are in the mid atlantic or north-eastern states, stay warm. I know some folks will be getting even more snow.
Wishing you some Winter joy in the midst of it all!

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