Sunday, January 25, 2015

January - Rest, Dream and Plan

I like January because it's usually a quiet month. After the busyness of the holidays (which I love) January seems made for resting, dreaming and new beginnings.  Not just making New Year's resolutions, although that's usually part of it. Also getting new ideas and having time to plan.

There's snow outside now but our indoor plants give the cottage a promise of Spring and help clean the air.
I also have more time to clean and organize things inside the house. After the holidays I like to give everything a good cleaning. We refresh the "odds and ends" we display by swapping around knick knacks in the living and dining rooms. This month we'll be going through our closets, finding things we no longer need and donating clothes and items. Refreshing and re-charging for the busier months ahead. 

And we'll plan the 2015 garden. Tomorrow my husband will sign us up for a garden plot at the community garden. We'll be spending time planning what to grow this year. Always a fun and creative way to spend a snowy day indoors!

Wishing you a January of rest, refreshment and a chance to plan for a great year ahead.


  1. That's such a cute little plant. Do you know what kind it is?

    As much as I love winter, I can't wait to plant :)

    It looks like you're new to blogging, so welcome! Also, I answered your question about the tile on my blog.

    Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Thanks for visiting and for answering my question about the tile. I am new to blogging but I hope to learn more about it and to enjoy the experience. I've enjoyed visiting so many blogs over the years and am finally ready to try blogging too. Thanks for commenting! Sarah

    2. Here's my second reply…had to look up the plant's name...
      The little plant is called a Nephtytis or Arrow Head. It's suited for low light areas and seems to be very easy to grow which is great for me since I don't have a very "green thumb." It works well for a small container, too.